Install Anaconda for a painless Python experience

I have recently migrated from the Enthought Python Distribution to the Anaconda Python Distribution. Using anaconda has been a breeze compared to Enthought. Somehow, I couldn't get around my head to understand the User and System enviroments in Enthought. Also, I didn't quite understand how the command line management is different from the GUI. With Anacond it has been pretty simple. Just install, clone to get a new environment and start working.

To install a python environment for my blog using pelican, I just had to do the following.

  1. Install anaconda and add anaconda python to your path.

    chmod +x
  2. Clone the root environment to a new environment named pelican.

    conda create -n pelican --clone root
  3. Install pelican and markdown. markdown wasn't present in the base Anaconda distribution.

    pip install pelican
  4. Change to the new pelican python environment and start working.

    source activate pelican
  5. That was it. And, to get back to the root environment:

    source deactivate

Other useful conda commands.

  • Info about available environments.

    conda info -e
  • Completely remove an environment.

    conda remove -n <name of environment> --all